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Did you get your full refund last year?

Are you sure? Every year the IRS reports millions of dollars in unclaimed refunds. Some of that money could be yours.

“Refunds totaling almost $760 million may be waiting for an estimated 918,600 taxpayers…”Internal Revenue Service

Most taxpayers do not claim all of the credits and deductions that they should. A mistake like that can really minimize the size of your refund. Make an appointment with us today! We’ll review your last 3 years of filed returns for FREE. We’ll find the deductions and credits that others overlooked and get you all the money that you deserve.

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Here are some common overlooked tax deductions:

  • Professional journals, magazines, and newspapers that are job related
  • Job-seeking expenses within your present field of employment
  • Business gifts up to $25 per customer of client
  • Cleaning and laundering services while traveling for business
  • Cellular phones required for business
  • Half of the self-employment tax paid
  • Self-employed health insurance premiums
  • Personal property taxes on cars, boats, etc.
  • Fees for tax preparation or advice
  • Legal fees to collect taxable alimony or social security
  • Penalty on early withdrawal of savings
  • State income taxes owed from a prior year and paid in the tax year
  • Fourth quarter estimated state taxes paid by December 31
  • Cash and non-cash contributors to a qualified charity
  • Gambling losses to the extent of your gambling winnings