Looking for an accountant? We are committed to providing the best accounting services to serve your greatest individual needs. But don’t just take our word for it. Read what our past and present clients have to say about us:

“I am so happy with the service and speedy results! I will definitely return to TaxPros next year!” Patrice S., Atlanta, GA

“I am very impressed with the level of service and professionalism of TaxPros & Realty Group. Although I can easily travel to their office, my work schedule made it very difficult so all I had to do was fax my W-2 forms over and the next day they called me to let me know my file was complete. I received my refund the following week directly into my checking account. I will definitely return to TaxPros & Realty Group and tell my friends and family to do the same.”Amanda G., Jamaica, NY

“I was a bit skeptical using a tax firm so far from my home, but after speaking with Maurice at TaxPros & Realty Group, I felt at ease. He was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. I simply e-mailed my tax paperwork and Maurice and his team of professionals worked on my case and kept the lines of communication open the entire time. I was very pleased with the service I received.”Adam W., Austin, TX

“I have been coming to TaxPros & Realty Group for the past three years. They always get me the biggest refund possible and process my taxes in a timely manner. I am also always impressed with the level of service by the entire staff. Thank you TaxPros, I’ll see you next year!”Susan M., Brooklyn, NY

“This is my second time that I will do my taxes with TaxPros & Realty Group. Last year I had a great experience not only because of my income tax return but because they were very knowledgeable about what and what not to put on my tax return. I had informed them of my previous letters from the IRS in the past. After doing my taxes with previous tax companies; saying that I owed a few months later. The person explained to me what the previous preparer’s errors were and that it is not always a good thing to exaggerate certain expenses etc. The IRS will calculate and always figure out that certain numbers were incorrect and I would have to repay them. I guarantee you that last year was the first time in years I have not gotten any letter of some sort saying that I owed them. Besides the fact that every staff member from front desk to tax preparers are friendly, courteous and make sure they fulfill their clients’ needs. They will do their best to avoid the IRS…sending their clients any one of those letters that were previously mentioned. They also offer discounts and $50.00 when you refer a friend or family member. P.S. I assure you that you will be a satisfied client!”Rita R., Brooklyn, NY

“‘Tax season is always a stressful time of year for me. After a number of years dealing with a tax preparation firm that would not return my calls to address questions and concerns, I decided it was time to make a switch. I contacted Maurice Edwards to schedule an initial consultation. Maurice quickly scheduled our first meeting and proved to be very efficient and concise in explaining my tax liability. He was thorough in reviewing my financial situation to make sure that we covered every potential deduction available to me. After supplying all of my paperwork, Maurice was swift in preparing my returns and completed the work earlier than he had promised. Of most importance, Maurice was very responsive both by email and phone as we worked through the specific details of my tax preparation. Aside from being professional and comprehensive, he is a great guy and I enjoy working with him. I would happily refer a friend to TaxPros & Realty Group and will definitely continue to use Maurice for all my tax preparation needs.”Natasha W., Atlanta, GA

“Living in Arizona, we fax our tax information directly to Jacqueline Constant and she does the rest. No effort, no stress, and our taxes are always done on time. Thanks for providing such great service, Jacqueline, you are the BEST!!!!!”Helen B., Phoenix, AZ

“I knew very little about my taxes and TaxPros & Realty Group led me [through it] step-by-step. The people were very patient, understanding and informative and always kept me in the loop. They guided me through a process that I thought would be difficult and confusing – and made it stress-free. Thank you, TaxPros & Realty Group!!!”Jessica L., Queens, NY

“I did my taxes on my own with TurboTax and then went to TaxPros & Realty Group. They found an education credit and Earned Income Credit that I missed. The tax professional told me that my refund was $2,000 more than what I had found on my own. Thanks, TaxPros & Realty Group, for reviewing my taxes for free!”Saul J., Brooklyn, NY

“I have been getting my taxes professionally done by (E&E Multiservice Center, now known as TaxPros & Realty Group) for the past 5 years. I have never been disappointed. I always get back a great refund. The tax professionals are very up to date with the changing tax laws and so they are able to make all the right decisions for me. They always get my taxes done in a timely manner and they have great follow-up skills. I highly recommend them to you. I recommended my dad to them last year when he was faced with paying back around $5000. He was doing his taxes himself for years. While he has always done his taxes and did a good job in the past, with challenging economic times, he was dealing with a major decline property value, as well as financial decisions that were presenting him with tax laws he was not familiar with. The tax professionals were able to give him a free tax consultation. He went from owing $5000 to $400. Thank you…for being the best.”Melinda G., Brooklyn, NY